How to Hack Windows Registry

Windows Registry


Registry in the Windows Computer System is like a big jungle once you jump into it you can’t understand it and you can’t came out of it some time one single but wrong click is enough to ruin your whole OS.

But here is the little 8 pages guide “Hacking the Windows Registry” to learn how the registry system is working how you can edit the registry values to do something. Well what I believe if you know the registry system have ability to modify the registries so you can have control on your system more than the system providing you.

This is the complete guide on how to deal with registry. This is good for those who work with Crack software. It is also a good and use able guide for programmers. If you are a programmer somewhere in life you will feel need to deal with registry thorough your code. Modern languages like C#, Java provide complete facilities to deal with registry through programming but to use them is important to know how the registry system is working and how you can edit it.

So Download this book read this book and understand this book don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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