How can I send large files to someone

How can I send large files to someone

How can i send large files to someone

Summary :  lots of people ask “How can I send large files to someone” via email or via any other  method so in this post Some famous cloud services are listed on which you can upload and share the link for download purposes.

Those who are not computer experts and geek found themselves into the problem when they need to send large files to their friends via email because majority of E-Mail provider only send file with size from 25-35Mb if your files size is more than this you are going of face the problem so today in this post we are going to try our best to take you out from this kind of problems by explaining some best practices which are in use to share large files and you can share even 5 – 10Gb file with your family member or friend.

Lets come back to the “How can I send large files to someone”.

OneDriveHow can i send large files to someoneSo I will take start from the Microsoft’s service OneDrive because I am using it personally to keep data backup and also to share large files with my family and friends. OneDrive provide you 15Gb of free storage on making account where you can upload your data. You can also install in it in your computer so it will create a folder of onedrive and you can put all of your data in that folder so it will be available everywhere just login to your Onedrive account on OneDrive’s site and get your data from the folder of your computer its so easy if you want to share a large file with your friend go to the share option and write his email address now He will get a link in mail and download the data from it.

GDriveHow can i send large files to someoneOne of the best online storage device by Google now days lots of people using Android phones so this is best for those. You can backup all your pictures and other data from mobile and computer also upload directly to the website if you have big file and wana share it with your friend just upload it to Gdrive account and give him the link of file.


DropboxHow can i send large files to someoneIt is also same like other above mention services very smooth and fast in use also. If you are a samsung Galaxy android phone user you will get it installed in your mobile with 50Gb of storage upload file there and give its link to the friend.  So he can download the file.


WeTransferHow can i send large files to someoneSimply the best service I like it very much and use it for instant sharing when any friend ask me for a file which is 500mb+ (non confidential) in size here no need to make any account just upload the file provide your and your friends email and rest of the work it will do for you. Its download link is valid for 1 day only and after that it will remove the data from link so your receiver friend have to download with in a day or you can have its paid service to keep the data for long period of time and put the password on it also.

box How can i send large files to someoneIt is same like GDrive, Onedrive and Dropbox you can upload and share link with friends it will do the basic task of sending large files for you but it lack some advance features which its competitors have.



These are 5 Services I personally use and found them very good for large file transfer this article was just to give you concept of how someone can transfer large files bypassing the mail size limitations. Lots of other paid and free services you can search on google which you can use for this purpose.

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