How to Secure SmartPhones

SmartPhones Security

Well everyone is using smartphones (Android, I-Phone, Blackberry & Windows Phone) do you ever think how much our life is dependent on our smartphone? Yes In these days out complete life is depends on our smartphone we have our Private pictures,Contacts Details, Messages, Social Network Sites passwords , Financial details like credit card numbers, bank accounts details everything we have on our smartphone and do you think how much easy it is for a thief to get it?

He can get it from your pocket or If you forget your phone at some shop in markit or somewhere else all your privacy is gone. So you think you are smart enough to protect your phone from a thief that is good for you but what about hackers? they can hack you with in no time and can get all your private date secretly.

No matter how much smart you are it is important to take some steps to keep your smartphone safe from hackers and Thieves.

Today we gonna discus some tips & tricks to secure your Phone.

Set PIN ,Password & Pattern

Do you know very few people set pin or password to their smartphones majority of us use that traditional method “Swipe to unlock” Do you think this is difficult to open for a thief not at all. On the basic level of security it is important to use PIN,Password or Pattern it is not much secure but at least it can secure your phone’s privates data from a non professional thief, the one who somehow manage to get your smartphone from your pocket.

WiFi & Bluetooth

May be this is new for you but it is possible to hack your phone via your smartphone’s WiFi & Bluetooth. Professional hackers can easily get access to your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. So It is recommended not to use WiFi or Bluetooth at public places and keep them off also when not in use.

Wipe Data

If you are planing to buy a new smartphone and you wanna sell out the old one don’t forget to wipe all the data from your device. You can do it by applying factory restore to your phone before selling it to someone.

Trusted Apps

lots of apps are available in app store do not go for everyone. Download & install only which is required and try to download the apps from trusted developers for example to view MS Office files lots of readers & editors are available at Android’s play-store but the trusted one is MS Word, MS Excel official apps by Microsoft we should go for them. Don’t forget apps can access each and every part of your smartphone they can use your microphones your smartphone’s cameras to watch you and many more so if you are not downloading an app from a trusted developer it can be dangerous for you.

Extra Security

If you are using a smartphone for some sensitive purposes or making large financial deals with your smartphone so you need extra security.

It is time to download and install a good security app. Personally I will recommend you to use Kaspersky For Android Smartphone they are protecting lots of smartphones from hackers and viruses.

Kaspersky also provide you remote access to your lost or stolen devices through which you can wipe your all data from your stolen devices so no one can miss use it.

So try to make your smartphone safe & secure as much as you can.

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