iPhone X

The iPhone X

iPhone X / iPhone 10 :

The new iPhone X with Super Retina OLED screen of 5.8 inches is lunched now iPhone X is actually iPhone 10 according to Apple.

Rumors on iPhone X becomes reality about it, “The Full screen” yeah, lots of people were talking about it and they make it reality, iPhone was famous for the home button and they brake that tradition by expending the display and removing the home button.

Yeah your thinking is right now how it will identify your finger prints to unlock your phone? So the answer is no more finger print system, No need to put your thumb anywhere to unlock the iPhone. Now the iPhone X will recognize your face and unlock the iPhone now I don’t know If someone hit your face with a big punch so it will recognize you or not.  you have to try it by yourself but don’t worry the backup pin code system same like it was in past iPhone is still available.

Charging : So know you will be able to charge the phone via wireless charging feature no need to get in details I think every one know about this feature, as lots of androids are already providing this feature but to support this feature the iPhone X is with glass back, yeah probability to braking is increased again same like iPhone 4 but this time the probability of braking its back glass will be directly proportional to the rate of heart stroke of the iPhone X users yes right due to its price. iPhone X

iPhone X Colors:  If you are a pink or red color iPhone lover so bad news for you is in iPhone X they are not going to provide you the color range you have to stay on the grey color.

So lets Move towards the specifications of iPhone X and in the specification the first thing we count in is the camera yeah i know every one want good comments on a handsome profile picture so starting with camera

Camera :  The camera is good don’t worry, after becoming too much jokes on removing the hands free panel from iPhone 7 they didn’t remove the camera and force you to buy the additional one . The iPhone X got 12-MP dual lens rear camera now don’t compare it with the android smart phone’s 16-MP camera they can beat their 16-MP camera with 12-MP so don’t worry about it. They are also providing image stabilization system in this camera and f/1.9 yeah photographers know its value, it you are not photographer just ignore this little value. I must say if you want to take a single camera with you don’t this one is more than enough,  because it also provide you a 7-MP with f/2.4 front cam yes a clear selfie and it also support the portrait mode. if you do not get good results then don’t blame it improve your photography skills.

Water Resistance : Even iPhone 7 was a water and dust prof so this is iPhone X dear why not this one but they do not improve any thing relevant to water Resistance it is same like iPhone 7 i.e. that is it can resist till 30min for under the 1 meter depth I think that is enough to save your mobile from the accidental drop of your expensive iPhone into the water.

Processor : Yeah the brain the most important thing. iPhone is already famous for its speed iPhone 7 was too much fast and I don’t know what are you expecting more but this is not limited to speed they are using the most aw-sum processor in the history of iPhone yes that is  A11 Bionic processor this is the most fastest chip apple have ever put into their phones. It will give you the best gaming experience and yeah this is good for the new era of augmented reality.

Price : According to some rumors the price is high as always and this time may be you have to sell your kidney in $1,000 to buy this iPhone X.

Why Someone will not buy it: 

The iPhone series is no doubt the best series and the lover of iPhone love it unconditionally but this time the price will make you think about you should buy it or not.

iPhone is bigger but the battery is compromised again, they have same battery like iPhone 7, so if you need a lot of battery backup you will think once before buying it.

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