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Messaging with ChatSim

We are busy in using our country level sims and in Messaging with it we are happy with those so we never think on the international level about a  sim which you can use all over the world with no area restrictions in 150 countries more than 250 operators are compatible with this sim.

What is Chat sim ?

Chatsim is a Messaging sim no matter in which country of the world you are just put this sim into your mobile and start chat with your friends using famous instant Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line, Wechat and many more it supports instant messaging apps with emojis. If you are a business man and travel across the world a lot may be this is for you to stay tune with your family and business.

No matter about the service quality According to ChatSim’s official websites they connect you to the best available network operator automatically.

Chat Plans :

This is a international level sim so if you are thinking about how much expensive it is so the answer is it costs not more than a sim we use at our country level.

If  you also want to send multimedia using sim you can check it plans for multimedia also.

You can check its yearly Price plan according to your country currency by visiting its official Site

and we can recharge it with our known methods like Master, Visa , AMEX & ,DISCOVER.

Activation : 

Activation process is also not a big deal we can activate from their official site in few simple clicks with in the proper guidance.

I think this is the best sim for those who visit different countries for their business deals for tourism and for many other reasons no matter in which country your are no matter your sim card is valid or not and also no need to ask someone’s wifi password in your are not in your country just put the sim in your mobile and your are again connected to the world via instant messaging apps.

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