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Ms Word

Introduction:Today i will discuss about the next tab in Ms Word which is known as “Reference” , same like previous tabs it also include contains different sections like “table of contents” ,”Footer note”.

Contents of the day 7

Table of contents

Footer note

  • insert end note
  • next foot note

Citation and Bibliography  

  • Insert citation
  • bibliography


1.Table of contents: Table of contents is very important and very interesting feature provided by the Ms Word . You have often seen at the start of every book Table of contents , they are created by using this interesting feature. To do this Select all your heading and then click on this icon Ms-Word  and will automatically create the  table of contents for you.The below picture will clarify the point and will easily let you understand the procedure.


Don’t forget after selecting your all the heading on every page then click on the table of contents.

2.Insert End note: As you have seen in the books that difficult meanings are numbered as (i,ii)

and they are described at the end of book this is known as end note. To do this place your cursor on the word you want to describe then click on this icon and the next procedure i will show you in below picture.


3.Foot note: Foot note is same as end note but there is little bit difference between the foot note and end note is that end notes will be shown in end of book where as the foot notes will be shown at the bottom of that specific page. To this follow the above procedure but click after click on this icon Ms-Word

4.Citation:Citation  refers as reference suppose you are writing a book and you use the someone quotes so if so do not use citation it will be illegal because it will be considered as you copied some ones text. So if you use someones text you  must provide citation to add citation click on this icon  Ms-Word and then select the source form where you copied and by whom it written.The below picture will clear the concept.


5.Bibliography: Bibliography is some like providing the references Like you have seen in books or in documents there is description from where this material is collected and who write in which year. The citation and bibliography are same like end note and foot note. The citation will be shown on specific location while bibliography will be shown in the end of document or a book. To add bibliography click on this Ms-Word icon and the next procedure i will show you in below picture.Write the reference you want to add in bibliography then click on bibliography icon and select the format you want.



6.Caption: caption is some like label used such as figure or on words it is used to figure out the point. Like if you are added a picture in your document and named that image Fig 1 , this is known as caption. How to add caption in your document click on this icon  Ms-Word and then give  name that you want to display  on image.The below picture will clear the point.


So this was our Seventh Class about the “Table of contents” ,”Footer note”, “citation and bibliography ” ,”Caption” section of MS Word we will try to improve our lecture quality day by day and we want you to do Practice of  every lecture. You can give your reviews about lecture in Comments and can ask any question we will like to reply you.

Thanks see you in next lecture.



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