nsa spying on us

They are already watching your Activity & Private Data |NSA spying on us

NSA spying on us, Yes! you read it right they are already watching you

Summary : Article is about how “NSA is spying on us” and their different spying methods. It is impossible to stop them but some ideas are given here to make spying difficult for them. So they will not spy you until you are not top of the list by intelligence agencies.

NSA spying on us If you are internet user on daily basis or use for some official purpose through your mobile or Laptop they have an eye on your every online activity you are using a brilliant technology Internet  and paying too much for it, you are paying your privacy to them for having this service.

If you think “Let them watch us, We don’t have something private” then this information is not for you but if you think and agree with the statement that “Privacy is the right of every citizen” than you should open your eyes you don’t have privacy any more from the time you are an internet user.

The NSA(National Security Agency) of US have access to all of your data which you are storing on the servers of US service provider like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more big companies which you use is your daily life to store data or to make some kind of processing on data. The companies mentioned above are I think the need of the time and every internet user is using them its mean no one is secure and have privacy anymore.

How do they Do it ? How is the NSA spying on us ?

They were working already on some programs which were in use to capture activity on the internet but those programs were not good enough to capture the information traveling in encrypted form like Skype conversations are all encrypted, When you login to google and switch to https mode you are secure and it was difficult to keep an eye on you so in last few years NSA lunched a program name PRISM according to the program PRISM they can collect all your data from the servers of private companies GOOGLE, Facebook, Microsoft and many more and all companies are also bound to provide all data on demand.

PRISM is the program which is in use to collect data from servers but this not end NSA also have other programs like  FAIRVIEW, STORMBREW, BLARNEY, and OAKSTAR  these programs are working to collect data from routers, different gateways and even some programs are working to capture the data from the undersea fiber of internet.

What kind of Data they are collecting?

They have an eye on every kind of your data, Financial data, Confidential Documents, Pictures all other data you upload on cloud storage sites Conversations you make using internet even they can trap your phone calls and intercept them. They also have information about your travelling they are recording your locations and travelling routes also by your mobile which have in your pocket every time.

How to stop them from spying you ?

Well let me tell you clearly it is almost impossible to to stop them from spying you they are already watching you they now what ever you are planing to stop there spying on you so how can you stop them? they are always one step forward than you. But the only thing you can do is making it difficult for them to spy on you so they will spy on you when it will be really needed to spy on you for specific reason. The method I will recommend you is use VPN (virtual Private Network) for all the works where privacy matters for you.

Lots of VPN are available free and paid version also you can search and select the best one for you. I personally recommend you to use TOR.

  • What TOR will do : When you’ll put yourself into the hands of  TOR it will bounce you from the three different servers and then it will connect you to the site which you want to access.
  • How TOR is making you secure : As I told you nothing can make you fully secure but when TOR will bounce your information through 3 different servers to connect you with the site you want to access instead of making a direct connection it will become complicated to trace your activity so now they are not going to trace you till you are not on the top of the hit list of agencies.

This article is based on knowledge about How NAS is spying on us which I gathered from different sources when I was searching about all their spying process and after that the little step to make you a little bit safe and make them realize this is not piece of cake from your site is using VPN as my personal suggestion. 

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