What is Pokémon GO? Why it is trending everywhere?

Pokémon GO


So, you are here because you are watching everywhere on Twitter, Facebook whatever social media you are using the common trending topic is “Pokémon Go” so you want to know what is it? Why everyone is talking about it blah blah!

Here I am going to finish kill the curiousness of your mind about Pokémon Go. Well the word Pokémon is came from the combination of two words Pocket Monster well the Pokémon have big history not going into it because our focus is the trending game Pokémon Go. Let me summarize the whole game into few words for those who just wana know about it and then we will discuss about it in detail.

“Pokémon Go is a game in which Monsters are rove on the land your job is to find them, catch them and train them to use in battle or fights with other monsters”.

Now the whole game is revolving around this idea as I told you the Pokémons rove on the land now it can be anywhere may be in the street where your home is located may be in kitchen of your home or any where overlaid on top of what you see in front of you through your mobile camera and when your travel somewhere this game use your smartphone GPS to trace your location. Your character is also involve in the game digital you can customize your character by different ways.

Now to find the new monsters and catch them everyone is wondering in streets on roads and blah blah because no one know where they will find the best Monster to train. Capture monster remain in your database.

Game also have a “Local GYM system” where you can take your monster and can train it for fights and make some fights with other Monster who are in local GYM for training also those are also real peoples Monster nothing from the game side generated.

The game is free to download on iOS & Android app stores. The best thing what I like about this game is it force people to get off from the bed and ask them to move and socially interact with others.

The bad thing about this game as it will use your smart phone camera, GPS and Data connection so it will drained your smartphone battery faster.

The reason behind why it trending everywhere is the uniqueness of game.

Till now it is not available everywhere but in Some countries.

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  1. This game change alot.
    In 1998 my parents said:
    “Leave Pokemon and go outside”
    but now in 2016
    “Leave Pokemon and come inside”

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