Now share your business cards via Social Media

Share your business cards via social media

Summery of post: 

Share your business card via social media like on Whatsapp, facebook & etc… in image format “Personal Card is shown as example.

  1. How to Add QR-Code to Business/Personal Card explained
  2. From where we can get free templates of card explained
  3. Top 4 designed (According to HorizonSofts) given with download link.

Details : 

Business card or your personal card is a piece of card where you write all your basic contact information, designation and etc and give it to the people but the time is changing rapidly people now days prefer to get your contact number save it by writing a reference with your name so they can contact with you latter when it is required. People now a days avoid to carry contact cards with them because they have every thing in mobile now why don’t you send them your business card via whatsapp in picture format so you will remain in their mobile gallery and remembered by them.

sharetositeMy Personal Card : Take a look at my card which I have always in my mobile and can share it with anyone via whatsapp with in no time to share my contacts details and it will remain in the person’s mobile always because no one like the real cards burden on their pockets but no one mind it to take your virtual card in the mobile.

QR-Code on card : Business Cards via digital mediaQR-Code is the one more trending thing now a days now you can put the basic information on your card and link to linked-in profile or to your personal site you can provide in QR Code so if someone is interested in you He will scan the code via mobile and can read all your details on smartphone.

If you are interested in generating QR-Code for any of your site link profile link or for something else. Click Here to generate code. So when you will design a card you can put this code on it.



Free top 4 Business cards designs :

Well know if you are planing to have business card in mobile and going to search on internet for the good card’s designs stay here we are going to share free downloadable vector files of 4 business cards which are top 4 business cards designs of business cards according to us and we found these designs on .

Design 1 :

Design 1 Download link : Designed by Freepik- Design1

Design 2 :

design2Download Link : Designed by Freepik- Design2

Design 3 : 

design 3Download Link : Designed by Freepik- Design 3

Design 4 :

design 4Download Link : Designed by Freepik- Design 4

Lots of other designs you can find out here download vector files and edit according to your personal or business information via Adobe Illustrator tool.

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