Why you Should not trust USB Drives

Why you Should not trust USB Drives

Why you Should not trust USB Drives :

Summary :  The article is to make people aware they should not put their complete trust on USB Drive it can be dangerous. Different reasons Why you Should not trust USB Drives are discussed.

  • Discuss the method to Secure sensitive data on USB Drives.
  • Discuss the alternatives of USB Drives which are secure than USB Drive.

USB drives are the need of time and every body no matter He belongs to computer field or any other field contain a USB drive with him to keep his Data in pocket USB drive is handy thing with lots of benefits but every thing have some +ve points and -ve points as well. same in the case of USB drive. We are going here to share some reasons why you should not trust on USB drives to store private information.

Data Privacy issue :  If you keep your important data in your USB Drive all the time and you connect it with different computers also let me clarify you. Your important data in USB is no more secure lots of software are available which can steal information from your USB by just connecting it to the PC.

The One more problem you can face if you also share your USB with friends to copy data. May be you give it to your friend after formatting it but this is useless He can recover the data using any recovery software in your pen drive so I don’t think important data with in your pen drive is safe.

Safely Remove Hardware issue : Every flash drive making company ask us to remove your pen drive safely after completing your data copy process otherwise you can lose your data but we are lazy enough to safely remove USB drive even lots of us do not know how to remove USB drive safely. This thing can put any of us in a big problem.

Just Imagine you work all night at your home computer to make a presentation you copy it in USB drive  remove it(Not safely) and put it into the pocket next morning you are on stage lots of people waiting for you to start your presentation you plug the USB with laptop on Desk but there is no data because you forget to safely remove the USB drive when you copy the data at last night. 

Easy to lose :  Mostly USB Drives are very small in size you can lose these drives anywhere very easily from your pocket ,from your hand or even you can wash it into the washing machine because it was in the pocket of your jeans and you forget it there and all your important data is gone and suppose you put all your trust on your USB drive and delete the data from the computer then your trust gona put you in the tough circumstances.

Lifespan : We can write data on USB drive for the limited number of time although the number of write operation is quite high but not unlimited. No one now when your USB Drive is going to die so if you do not have data backup on other storage media your trust on USB drive gona ruin you one day badly.

It does not mean at all you should not use USB Drive. It is an important and useful tool use it but do not put your complete trust on USB Drive. You should have backup of data if your USB contain sensitive data put some kind of encryption on it.

Alternative of USB Drives : Now internet is available every where try to use your Cloud accounts to to keep your data with you. So you can take a copy of data when and where it is required.

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